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by Victoria Elsworth    

The Tenth anniversary of the CKDCF charity event will see a host of Aquarian Nations talent gather together on a stage. The October concert is set to be one of the most memorable since its inception with the addition of USA rock band Echolyn and the legendary Steve Hackett.

The weekend kicks off on Friday night at the Seacote Hotel where John and Wayne will treat us to another brilliant night of Cumbrian folk music. David Garside will also be playing two songs.

On Satturday night Francis Dunnery will host the evening singing songs from his past repertoire while inviting each artist to come on stage and make guest appearances. Dunnery explains "The concept worked beautifully last year. We basically had a bunch of guests that would come and sing a couple of tunes and then stay on stage to help everyone elses songs. It really is a statement about the collective energy of Aquarian Nation Records".

One notable absentee will be Dorie jackson who cannot make the show because of prior family commitments. " I'm pretty devastated Dorie cant make it" says Francis " She makes my life so easy and now I'm going to have to teach everyone all the harmonies. I've always said it, 'The Jackson' is irreplaceable but I will be all over John Dunnery like 'white on rice' to make sure he comes up with a brilliant performance of the harmonies".

The show will include Scottish singer/ songwriter John Gilmour Smith, Echolyn, John and Wayne, Danish singer Lars Mosin, Francis Dunnery and Steve Hackett.

The show has been sold out for weeks but if you would like to be put on the waiting list please email

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