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After working for many years behind the scenes, Stephen finally realized he had his own story to tell. He plucked up enough courage to take on the lead vocals & brought his own brand of melancholy to the forefront. The resulting songs are on his debut CD 'Songs From The Mission Of Hope'.

Since the 2002 album release Stephen has been busy studying at Columbia University in New York City towards his goal of becoming a Doctor of Medicine.

Keeping a low profile musically he did wander out of his cave once or twice to perform some acoustic shows with Francis Dunnery, both in the U.S. and in Europe. He recently contributed a song or two, and some harmonica, towards Dorie Jackson's amazing new C.D. Some of Dorie's C.D. was actually recorded in the same building at Columbia University that housed the initial work on the atomic bomb during WWII.

Stephen is following up his album with a companion DVD due out in the summer of 2008. It is actually a documentary on adoption, and is being filmed in both the U.S. and the U.K. Both film maker Graeme White, and anthropologist Brenda Maiale are collaborating on the project, which features music from the original album and work by other Aquarian Nation artists.

Currently undecided upon the title of the DVD project, Stephen has taken to referring to it as "Unwanted-Dead or Alive." Stephen claims to have written two new songs since the release of the last record. "They're great though. One is called 'Complicated,' about my own childhood, the other is called 'Blue,' about somebody else's childhood. At this rate I'll be ready to record a new record by 2037."