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Review by Inge Ostergaard    

The first thing that strikes me about the Lars Mosin CD is the originality of his voice, I have never heard this voice in Denmark before. Its very difficult to find original singers in this day and age for many different reasons but Lars Mosin is a true original. Although technically the CD is sang mostly in the English language there are always moments of Danish expression in each song and I think this only adds to the originality and sincerity of the artists work. Every track on the CD is beautifully crafted due to some inspiring work by Carsten Falkenlind, the classy backbeat of british rock drummer Tony Beard, beautifully lazy bass playing of Paul brown, the melodic interplay of the saxaphone from Jens Haack, and the impeccable guitar of former It Bites front man Francis Dunnery. When you put all of these elements together you get a sound that is tasteful and true.

The lyrics on the cd seem to tell a story of Lars Mosin's appreciation of the females in his life. Songs like 'She's my woman' and ' the queen of the garden' are openly devotional songs, Mosin does not try to hide his belief that the women or woman in his life are first and foremost on his mind. All of the tracks express this appreciation and adoration in one way or another. It made me wish I had a man in my life who thinks about his women like this.

There are no filler tracks on this cd, each track is strong and each track is important, the cd passes you by very quickly and by the time the last track draws to an end you cant make up your mind about which track to put back on so you just start at the beginning. Its a beautifully crafted cd with a very high standard of song writing and musician ship but not in an obvious way. Everything on this cd is understated, it doesn't jump out and try to force you to listen, it very quietly sits there waiting for you, its very confident of itself.

As a listener i will give the CD seven out of ten, not because it isn't a perfect CD but because I believe that Lars Mosin's 'She's my Woman' is only just the beginning for this artist. Denmark doesn't have an artist like this and I think Denmark should be proud to have such a fantastic songwriter. An excellent debut from a gifted Danish artist.

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